Contented Stress-Free Pigs

At ForestHogs the welfare of our animals is top priority. We believe that only happy stress free animals produce the highest quality pork ( proven research carried out by Bristol University).


Our pigs are reared traditionally. They have shelter from the cold, and freedom to roam and forage naturally within spacious woodland paddocks. This enables them them to follow their natural instincts and exhibit their natural behavior, rooting in the soil for food and wallowing to keep cool . The result is happy contented pigs and a top quality pork product with excellent taste and texture.


We aim to give our free range pigs the best life possible whilst on our farm. We believe that it is better for the pigs themselves and also better for you as the customer - you get to enjoy a better tasting product with the knowledge that the pork you are eating has been produced in the most pig friendly way.

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Our Pigs are Tamworths which are probably the oldest domesticated breed of pigs in Britain. Their rarity is because of their unsuitability for intensive modern pig farming.

Our sows average a litter of six to eight piglets every seven months. Our piglets are weaned naturally at around 8 weeks, compared to intensively reared pigs which are weaned at 3 weeks.


This extensive breeding programme reduces the physical demands on the sow and although it means our sows do not achieve as many litters in a life time as other intensive pig farms, we believe that the extra time the piglet stays on the sow gives a healthier piglet, a less stressful sow and ultimately a better tasting product.
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