Our Unique Catering - Traditionally Spit-Roasted Pork

Hog Roast Images

ForestHogs catering creates a superior eating experience and only use the highest quality produce to accompany our fantastic rare breed spit roasts. We specialise in breeding 'Tamworth pigs' in our own open woodland and pride ourselves on the free range ethos that keep these rare pigs so special. We specialise in the traditional Hog roast and slow cook all our pigs on site at your venue.


There is no pre-cooking or re-heating, only fresh, real open air roasting. We achieve our special taste by slow roasting the pigs over homemade chestnut charcoal that we make ourselves at the Weald and Downland Open air Museum in Singleton, Chichester. This traditional method of providing cooking heat only adds to the already sweet taste of the Tamworth pork. The intense dry heat which the chestnut charcoal creates also develops unbeatable crackling too!


We can cater for any event from 20 guests to 1000 guests and also as part of a group of catering companies we can have a flexible approach to your event and will try and fit in with your specific needs to make your special day be a great hit with your guests.


We also provide accompanying buffets and salad selections to compliment our unique pork and can even offer canapés to start. We have a bespoke product that can be tailored to meet all your needs for your event or special day. Please call or e-mail us for further information or to discuss your particular requirements or requests.